Wednesday, July 11, 2007

love messages.....from Alrashed

Dear Brothers ;
Allah be with you ,I am a graduate of Ain Shams university ,old graduate of Alfarouk Family(Muslim Brotherhood Family) I remembered all these good Days ,all the good brothers all the jokes and all the trips. and I was very sad to know that you were arrested ,but I can say kidnapped from your life and family and friends. I wish to send you all my best feelings and wishes and all my sincere prayers for all of you. Allah be with you ,Allah yesabetkoum ,entou regalah,entou el amal ,entou el ikhwan ,entou masr ya shabab,and they are the thiefs who stole our country from us and we wouldn't leave it for them. Allah be with you all and with your families,in shaa Allah. Especial Messages to be Sent to Osama Hossam,ossama enta ragel ,ragel awi ,I know you because I was part of your life once,I am proud of you ya ossama ,as well as your brother Mohamed. I am sad that you were arreseted ,and happy on the sametime ,to know that you are on the right way ,and in Shaa Allah deih azma we hat3ady ,we yama 3adena azamat ma3a ba3d ,we ana 3aref en el haj Hossam we mamtak makhlefush gheir regala motadyenin . Nefsy ahoufak we akhdak fe hodny we abous rasak,rabena yetameny 3aleik we yesabet akhouk we ahlak. Khaly balak men nafsak ,enta delwaky nas keteir metab3ak akhbarak ,kol sohabak el odam ,we kol masr. ew3aak tethaza aw tyaaas ya Osama ,becuase el regala Never Give Up. Salamou alikom,rabena yehfazkoum ,we yantakem lakoum.


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